PET PARENTS: Something we need to start thinking of.

The problem starts with unregulated breeders who breed dogs twice or three times a year, causing immense stress to the mother dog. This, in turn, causes a thousand other congenital problems in the pups. Now “we” buy these unhealthy pups as “we” really want a dog to play with. To begin with, a dog isn’t a toy! It’s a living thing! Ok, that apart, these pups come into our homes and we send them for walks and training sessions. But, not providing a dog natural stimulation creates larger issues, physical and mental. Lack of socialization, lack of exercise, lack of space.

Dogs need to be out in the open for a significant amount of time. They need to be dogs, they need to run, and play, and smell. They need open vast spaces, and of course more so for our favorite breeds in India – Labs, Golden retrievers, beagles, German shepherds and Rottweilers. In the absence of access to open spaces, your dog’s going to be aggressive. Of course your dog’s going to start biting other dogs. That’s just what a lack of mental stimulation will do.

The physical aspect is even scarier! Sending a large dog out for a walk for ½ hour in the morning and ½ hour in the evening and assuming your dog has been exercised is not on. That’s not how it works. They need a lot more exercise. The lack of walking coupled with excessive feeding leads of obesity and we all know what obesity leads to. Liver issues, Kidney issues, Cardiovascular issues & Orthopedic issues. But no, we still want to give our dogs “love” by feeding them excessively to mask our guilt of not spending enough time with them.

Anyway that’s one of the main reasons for Aman and I to have started PAW HAVEN.

At Paw Haven, we help your dog be a dog again. Walking on soil and grass and pebbles. Smelling things, they haven’t smelt before. Making them go on forest trails and treks to work their muscles in the right way. Letting them roam free and explore the purity of Nature. For example, Orthopedic issues – now if your dog isn’t on the proper flooring it will develop bad limbs. Letting them be in nature on natural soil helps their limbs grow stronger and their muscles stronger.

In the last few months since we opened Paw Haven our guests have watched with wonder how their dogs have blossomed in our open space. The sheer joy of feeling natural soil beneath paws, the myriad smells of nature, the clean, cool air, absence of traffic noise, and the terror of automobiles transforms the personality of your dog!

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